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Choosing great socks is what we do best

Wether it is Men`s socks, Women`s socks or Children`s socks you want, you can easily choose the category style you want.

From our selection we offer black business socks/formal dress socks, fun fashion socks, colorful socks,  cotton socks and much more. We also offer gift subscriptions.

Each month we pick different socks for you!

A little bit about us and our story at is a part of a norwegian company called Havfruen Vannaerobic. We have been in business for more than 20 years in the training industry. We now wish to expand to different markets and start to sell socks for the whole family.

We have found South-Korea to be a country that has many producers of great sock-brands. The socks are very high in quality and has a great variety in designs. We have for some time wanted to start a subscription business and what better way to start by selling great quality socks. The idea started rolling, in finding producers of socks to setting up a fulfillment office from South-Korea that delivers the socks to the world (yes, we also speak and deliver from South-Korea).

Our mission is to deliver great quality socks every month. We wish to make our customers happy with our service and socks.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us here:

Original & tailored fit dress socks & Fashion socks for men and women and kids socks/baby socks

Here are some general information about the socks we sell.

High quality

Beautiful luxurious materials makes a classic look.

A varied color tone that matches your shoes perfectly.

Machine-wash - recommended in cool water below 30 degrees celsius and washed in-side out for protection during washing.

Stylish and colorful

Unique, stylish and trendy socks for men, women and children.

Colorful socks in many different patterns.

High quality cotton socks with good flexibility.

We also offer K-pop style socks.

Machine-wash max 30 degrees celsius and washed in-side out for protection during washing.

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